Grimmore Eboncross

A sworn knight betrayed by his faith and king.


Hit high points, high damage, low defenses, ability to re-roll attack and skill check rolls.


Grimmore Eboncross, a name given to the creature by the gods, was once a knight in the service of the royal family. For many years, before taking on the name Eboncross, Grimmore served many kings and queens, remaining loyal only to his blade and family. Grimmore was renowned for his ability to handle a sword, tales being spun in his honor beyond the reaches of the empire. As time went on, one family in particular, of the House Greyvale, took hold of the throne. As any other family before them, Grimmore served them without prejudice or question. In honor of his unwavering service and legendary swordsmanship, the king at that time presented Grimmore with an equally legendary sword: Kain’riel. The blade Kain’riel was said to channel the power of the gods through the metal from which is was forged. However, as Grimmore took hold of the blade, he felt a tremor of energy wash over him, consuming his very being until his vision went black. Upon awakening, Grimmore found himself shackled in the castle dungeons for an unnamed crime of which he was named guilty. It was later revealed to Grimmore that, after taking Kain’riel into his possession, a shroud of darkness veiled his form and he slaughtered the crowd at his ceremony of recognition. At his trial, the king condemned Grimmore to rot in the dungeon for the rest of his life but, as penance for the deaths he caused, the king executed his family. As Grimmore spent years in the dungeons, mourning his family and his fate, he began praying to whatever god would hear him. Eventually, after years of fruitless beckoning, the goddess Avandra answered his plea. Grimmore begged her to deliver him from his fate. Avandra agreed to grant him the power to escape the dungeon but under the condition that he forge his own path once the power was his, that he could never address any other god for favor again. Upon agreeing to these terms, Avandra imbued Grimmore with the power of flames and giving him the name Eboncross, a name to show the burden he bore. As Grimmore Eboncross, new of his name, became a living inferno and scorched his way out of the castle’s dungeons and far from the city, he vowed to never touch a sword again until he exacted his revenge on whoever gave him the cursed blade of Kain’riel.

Grimmore Eboncross

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