Hey look, a Dungeons and Dragons ride!

Welcome to the Teamship Does Dungeons and Dragons campaign. This is an experiment in creating an open world game in the Forgotten Realms setting. The Dungeon Master for the game will vary from week to week based on a sign up process. Nick will be starting us off with an adventure he as worked on for a while now and run with a different group. At any point during the game, if a player sees an event happen, or watches how the party reacts to a situation and thinks “Hey. I have a really cool idea for something that could happen as a result of this!” that player may then sign up to be the next Dungeon Master. Then, once the current plot point of the current Dungeon Master has been resolved, the next person signed up to run the game will take over.

I think this will allow us to create a very interesting world with a lot of forking story lines, and fun over arcing plots. It is important to remember that when signing up to Dungeon Master, you will not be taking over someone else’s story, but instead injecting your own separate plot into the world. If you wish to involve any characters a previous Dungeon Master has brought into the world, you should speak with that person ahead of time to make sure what your doing with that character doesn’t interfere with that Dungeon Master’s plan. This way, a Dungeon Master can still tell an over arcing story over multiple sessions, while sharing the seat with other Dungeon Masters.

An example of how this might play out would be as follows. Lets say Dungeon Master A is running the game currently, and in the next session we will be on our way to resolve a major plot point. However, a couple players really invested in the story cant make it that week. Dungeon Master B could then step up and say “Hey, I am signed up to Dungeon Master and I have something prepared for a much more minor event which can take place on the way to Dungeon Master A’s stuff.” In this way, we have added another fork to our world, the game continues that week and players wont have to miss a major session of the game.

In summary, I think this could be a great way to collectively tell a large branching story together, accommodate for all of our busy schedules, and share the load of preparing for a session. But if it somehow crashes and burns, surely something funny will happen along the way. See you all at the table!

The Teamship Does D&D

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